POE electric actuator

Use and maintenance

Use and maintenance Note: This product has passed all-round debugging and inspection before leaving the factory Product and valve installation, […]

Operation Flow

Operation Flow Simple automatic calibration method Press A/M key while holding down ▼ key in the automatic state, then release […]

POE electric actuator

Wiring instructions

Wiring instructions The ZXQ2004 intelligent positioner is connected with the electric actuator through a seven-wire connector The positioner has a […]

POE electric actuator

Locator panel

Locator panel Parameter display 1 Led Windows The actual opening value of the valve, the setting opening value of the […]

POE electric actuator

Potentiometer adjustment

Potentiometer adjustment (figure 10) for C, e Type (generally do not need to adjust) 1.The resistance of the potentiometer is:1KΩ(5KΩ); […]

POE electric actuator

Switch type adjustment

Switch type adjustment Adjustment of electrical limit 1.Before adjusting the electrical limit, the adjusting screw of the mechanical limit should […]

POE electric actuator

Power requirements

Power requirements 1.According to the order of the type of power used to provide the corresponding on-site power supply; 2.For […]

Electric actuator

POQ Electric actuator wiring diagram

1.POQ-006B/K1~010B/K1 AC24V, AC110V,AC220V-50Hz/60Hz(BASIC  ON-OFF TYPE) 2.POQ-016B/K1~800B/K1 AC24V,AC110V,AC220V-50Hz/60Hz(BASIC ON-OFF TYPE) 3.POQ-006B/K1~010B/K1 AC38V,AC440V-50Hz/60Hz(BASIC ON-OFF TYPE) 4.POQ-016B/K1~2000B/K1 AC380V,AC440V-50Hz/60Hz(BASIC ON-OFF TYPE) 5.POQ-006B/K1~010B/K1 DC24V-50Hz/60Hz ( […]