electric actuator

electric actuator
1.Powerful functions; Intelligent regulation type,Proportional type,Switch type、All kinds of signal output;
2.Small and light:The volume and weight are only about 35% of those of traditional products;
3. Beautiful and generous:Aluminum allay die-cast shell,Exquisite smooth,and can reduce electromagnetic interference;
4.Reliable performance:Bearings, electrical components and other key components imported famous products;
5.Elevation protection:IP67 high standard protection grade (tested by Shanghai instrument automatic controlsystem inspection and testing institute);
6.Precision wear-resisting:Turbine output shaft integrated special copper alloy forging, high strength, goodwear resistance;
7.Minimum return difference: The integrated structure avoids the clearance of key connection and hightransmission accuracy;
8.Security guarantees:lt has passed 1500v withstand voltage test,f-class insulated motor,CE certificationand safety guarantee;
9.Simple matching:Single – phase power,simple external line,can do 380v, DC power;
10.Easy to use:No oil, no point inspection, waterproof and rust proof, installation at any Angle;
11.Multiple speeds:Full time: 9 seconds,13 seconds,15 seconds, 30 seconds, 50 seconds,100 seconds,150seconds (set before the factory)
12.Intelligent numerical control:Intelligent control module integrated in the electric actuator body, no need forexternal locator, digital setting, digital setting, highly accurate, self-diagnosis, one machine multi-function.
electric actuator