Electric actuator

1.Manual operation

When performing manual operation , the power must be cut off first; turn the hand wheel with the left hand and press the switch handle with the right hand in the direction of the arrow to engage the internal clutch of the mechanism to reach the manual function state (when the power is turned on)The switch handle automatically resets without human intervention), and continues to rotate clockwise or counterclockwise (opening can be observed through the window)

Electric actuator commissioning


– When the manual switch is in place , if will hit the mechanical limit stop.Excessive rotation will cause damage,so avoid excessive force.

-POQ 006 type-060 ype manual switch requires a switch handle (automatic reset function when power is on),080 type ~ 2000 type does not need a switch handle.


2.Electric operation

– Before electric operation ,first use manual operation to check whether the opening or closing of the actuator opening window and the valve angle are consistent;

– Check whether the wiring is correct (wire strictly in accordance with the internal wiring diagram of the factory);

– After confirming the above status, start electric operation.


– lt is forbidden to change the internal wiring of the actuator.

– Check whether the wiring diagram, power supply, and input/output signals are correct before use.