Electric actuator

1.lnstallation site

1.1 Installation Precautions

-For installation in places with explosive gas, explosion-proof actuators need to be ordered;

– Please specify in advance if the installation is submerged ;

– When installing the cable on site, is outer diameter must be in line with the cable that is compatible with the inner diameter of the waterproofconnector,otherwise the outdoor rainwater can enter the actuator from the waterproof cable connector and damage the internal parts;

– Please reserve space for wiring and manual operation and maintenance ;

1.2Ambient temperature

– The ambient temperature is -25℃+70℃ (other temperatures can be customized);

– When the ambient temperature is lower than -25’℃ or higher than 70℃ please contact the technical department of our company in advance to propose specific solutions;  (all series of standard dryers)

1.3 Pipeline fluid temperature conditions

-When used with a valve, the heat of the fuid in the pipeline will be transferred to the actuator, and the temperature of the actuator housing will rise ; if the on-site pipeline fluid is higher than 80℃, please contact our company in advance.Contact with the Ministry to propose a specific solution; (the connection with the valve needs to increase the bracket for heat insulation)

1.4 Pipeline high frequency vibration conditions

– Intelligent actuators under high-frequency vibration conditions require separate installation;


 2.Actuator output connection

-The fange mounting hole at the bottom of the actuator is lSO5211 standard. lf the valve connection size does not conform to the standard,please contact our company’s technical department in advance to propose a specific solution;(before leaving the factory)(According to customer requirements, re-punch holes or produce brackets and connecting sleeves)

-According to the different connecting spindles of the valve, the inner hole at the bottom of the actuator can be replaced with different sizes such as square holes , round holes and bilateral holes; the replacement method is simple, just use circlip pliers to take out the spline sleeve bottom the circlip can be replaced;

Actuator output connection3.Installation sequence of actuator and valveInstallation sequence of actuator and valve

 Installation sequence of actuator and valve


This figure only shows the installation sequence and can be used as a reference. The actual actuator shall prevail.

Note: This figure only shows the installation sequence and can be used as a reference. The actual actuator shall prevail.

4.Electrical wiring

-Remove the plug for external cable access, please use an explosion-proof connector or explosion-proof cable hose with an external thread of NPT3/4;

-lf the cable connector does not meet the electrical interface of the actuator, it may cause the internal sealing level to drop and fail to meet the protection requirements, or the actuator will be damaged by water entering the inside;

– When using electrical wires, take full waterproof measures;

– Remove the upper cover of the actuator,use a fat-blade screwdriver to press down the metal shrapnel in the small hole on the terminal, and at the sametime the wire is smoothly inserted into the side trminal hole,pull out the screwdriver ,the internal spring clamping mechanism of the terminal can reliably clamp the wire;

Electrical wiring


1.Before completing the wiring check, do not swich on the power supply. Shor-circuit and wrong wiring will cause permanent damage to the actuatord!

2.Please pay attention to the switch instructions, please do not use brute force on the hand wheel/handle when it exceeds the fully open an fully cosed positions, so as not to cause damage to the actuator mechanism!