Electric actuator
Shell Protection grade lP67 Nema 4 and 6    Option: lp68
Ambient temperature -25℃ to +70℃
Environment humidity <90% RH
Power supply Single-phase: 24V,110V,220V,230V,240V,50/60Hz
Three-phase: 220V,380V,415V,440V 50/6OHz DC: DC24V
Torque switch On (NO) / off (OFF), SPDT 250V AC 10A
(except POQ-006,POQ-010)
Limit switch On (NO) / off(OFF),  SPDT 250VAC 10A
Motor overheat protection Built-in thermal protection 120℃土5℃
Stroke 90°士58 (0°~270°Optional)
lndicator 360°Angle of view indication
(flameproof type: continuous position indication)
Manual operation POQ-006~POQ-060 Manual/automatic clutch mechanism
POQ-080~POQ-2000 No clutch required
Self-locking device Worm gear and worm mechanism provide
Mechanical limit External adjustable bolt
Desiccator Aluminum alloy moisture-proof resistance (anti-condensation)
Wiring hole Standard: 2-NPT3/4”
Optional customization: M20~M25、PG13.5、PG16、PT3/4″、PF3/4″
Grease Molybdenum disulfide grease (EP type)
Main material Aluminum, steel, aluminum blue steel,35CrMo, etc.
Exterior coating Epoxy polyester powder coating
Seismic performance Direction: x,z,y; Maximum acceleration: 12g;
Sweep frequency: 10-55Hz;Amplitude: 0.15mm; Time 30 minutes
lnfrared remote control No opening setting
Explosion-proof grade Optional: EXd I BT5 EXd lI Ct5
Potentiometer Optional: 1K-5K
Proportional control unit lnput Output: 4-20mA
Field control unit Optional: Process control on/off/off knob
Bus control unit Optional
Bluetooth communication Optional
GPRS wireless control Optional