POE electric actuator

Actuator and valve installation (figure 3)
1.Manually turn the valve to ensure that there is no gap, and turn the valve to the full off position;
2.Gently fix the bracket on the valve with bolts;
3.One end of the coupling is sheathed on the valve stem;
4.The handle is used to drive the electric actuator to the full closed position (the pointer points to the SHUT, 0 scale line) , and the output shaft is inserted into the four square holes of the coupling;
5.The electric actuator is gently fixed on the bracket by Bolts;
6.Use The handle to drive the whole distance of the electric actuator, make sure the operation is smooth, no eccentricity, no skew, no jam, check whether the valve can be fully closed and fully open in the actuator opening indication range.
Note: Force can not be too strong, otherwise it will lead to excessive operation of the executive body and cause damage.
POE electric actuator
Special Note:For self-contained bracket, coupling users, please note:
①.The bracket and coupling shall be designed and processed by professional technicians and shall meet the marking requirements (Fig. 4)
②.The machining of the shaft holes at both ends of the coupling should ensure the necessary precision and eliminate the transmission gap as far as possible, so as to avoid the return error in the valve operation;
③.The position of the shaft holes at both ends of the coupling should be strictly ensured, otherwise it may exceed the working range of the actuator design, and the valve can not work normally because the actuator stroke can not be adjusted.
POE electric actuator