Adjustment of mechanical limit (Fig. 8)
POE electric actuator
1.Use The handle to drive the actuator to the full off position (“Click”sound will be emitted when the travel switch moves) ;
2.Loosen the locking nut, clockwise direction the adjusting screw, make it contact with the Mechanical Block, then anticlockwise direction the screw half circle, so that the full off position mechanical limit lag electrical limit about 2 ~ 3 degrees angle distance, lock the nut;
3.In the same way, the adjustment of the Mechanical Block in the full open position can be made.
The electrical and mechanical limiting positions of the actuators must meet the requirements (Fig. 9) . If the mechanical limit is advanced or coincident with the electrical limit, it will cause the actuator motor block, heat and even lead to motor burn.
POE electric actuator