POE electric actuator

Installation Requirements for field cable and wire tube
1.When using the conduit, please install it as shown in figure (1) :
①.8 ~ 12 in the outer diameter of the Wire Tube;
②.Must Take the waterproof countermeasure fully;
③.The actuator shall be higher than the wire tube so that the water drops in the wire tube will not flow into the actuator to ensure its safety;
2.When cable is used, its outer diameter is medium 8 ~ 12 cable wire. Such as figure (2) are not allowed to use and waterproof cable joint diameter does not fit the cable, otherwise water from the waterproof cable joint into the actuator damage all internal parts;
3.Signal Line in principle to use shielded line, should be separated from the power line wiring.
POE electric actuatorPOE electric actuator