POE electric actuator

Potentiometer adjustment (figure 10) for C, e Type (generally do not need to adjust)
POE electric actuator
1.The resistance of the potentiometer is:1KΩ(5KΩ);
2.The handle is used to drive the actuating mechanism to the full close position;
3.Loosen the screws of the open gear, turn the open gear, adjust the potentiometer, measure the resistance between the 4 ~ 5 terminals with the universal meter, make the resistance between the 4 ~ 5 terminals about 10Ω, tighten the open gear lock screw. (In the case of an adjustable seven-wire connector, measure the resistance values for both RV and RS Jacks)
Can also be directly released potentiometer adjustment, but fixed, please pay attention to potentiometer gear and open gear, clearance can not be too large and too tight, otherwise directly affect the precision of the actuator machine.