Setting operation method of intelligent locator
According to the wiring diagram, connect the connection between the given signal source, locator, electric actuator, output signal measuring instrument and power supply
1.Power on, at this point the actual value of the valve position, positioner in the state of automatic measurement and control;
2.Press A/M key to switch to manual state, by the Bar ▲ and ▼ keys, respectively, the detection of the executive should be “Open”and “Closed”trend action;
3.Automatic State, according  to ▲ the valve position set open value, at this time can see the change trend and stability of the input signal;
4.In the automatic state, the temperature in the housing of the positioner can be observed according to ▼. when the temperature exceeds 7O °c (which can be corrected) , the positioner stops the open and close control of the actuator
5.Automatic state, press A/M key about 4 seconds, you can enter the following list of settings parameters, parameter values can be modified through ▲ and ▼ key, see the operation flow chart.
POE electric actuator
Parameter list

Parameters Display value Implications Ex-factory value
U0 00x.0 X = 1 allows electronic braking, x = 0 does not allow electronic braking 1
  000.x ①X = 0 does not allow you to change the positioning accuracy, but it does allow you to change the reset time

②X = 1,2,3 does not change the reset time, but allows changes in positioning accuracy

U1 00x.0 Let X = 0 be positive and x = 1 negative 1
  000.x Interrupt signal mode, x = O (ignore) x = 1(open) X = 2(stop) x = 3(close) 2
U2 xxx.x The control output limit value O ≤ U2 & Lt; 100.0 is not restricted by this parameter during manual and calibration zero and full position 0.0
U3 xxx.x The upper limit value of control output is 0 & Lt; U2 & Lt; U3≤100.0, which is not restricted by this parameter during manual and calibration of zero and full position 100.0
U4 00x.x Adjustable precision, equal to x/100 0.4
U5 xxx.x Operation Code, (U5 = 003.1 for the opening of the entry mechanism calibration) 000.5
U6 xxx.x ACTUATOR zero confirmation, operation ▲▼ key, when reached the designated zero, press A/M key, zero confirmation, then enter U 7  
U7 xxx.x Actuator full confirmation, operation ▲▼ specification specification, when reached, press A/M key, full confirmation  
Note: Other parameters are reserved for use by the company. If necessary, please refer to the appendix

Before the executive agency demarcates the factory has demarcated, the user only needs to connect the good power supply, the signal source and the output signal measuring instrument (may not receive) , may use directly, does not need to demarcate again, if really must demarcates, may follow the following step operation.
Calibration of the zero position and full position of the actuator, this calibration has no effect on the input and output signals of the positioner. After the actuator is readjusted, the angle of the actuator must be calibrated, after which the positioner can work normally, there are two methods of calibration:
Method 1(manual calibration)(refer to operation flow chart 13) :
1.Enter U 5, modify U 5 = 003.1, then press A/m, enter u 6 parameters (calibration zero) , press ▲ or ▼, and the actuator will operate in the “Open”or “Closed”direction accordingly, showing that the actual valve opening value will gradually increase or decrease accordingly, when the expected zero (generally set in the fully closed position) , press A/M key, zero confirmation, enter the U 7 parameters;
2.Enter U 7 parameters (calibration full) , the same as ▲ or ▼ to the expected full position (generally set at the full open position) , press A/M key full position confirmation, the actuator automatically back to 90% position back to U5;
3.Modify U5 = 000.5, return to control status.

Method 2(automatic calibration) :
1.Enter U 5, modify U 5 = 003.1, hold down A/M key and Press ▼ Key and then release, that is to start automatic calibration, at this time the locator first calibration zero, full calibration month, after calibration the locator is in manual state, ★ RE-ENTER PARAMETER U 5, modify U5 = 000.5(the default value) and press a/m key before the calibration results are stored;
2.During the measuring and controlling process of the positioner, the actuator may appear oscillation due to the input signal quality, external electromagnetic interference, etc. . In order to avoid the continual oscillation of the actuator, we can modify UO (ooo.x) :
When x = O is set, the positioning accuracy is kept to the setting accuracy, but the resetting time of the actuator will be increased to 7 seconds continuously, so as to meet the requirements of precise positioning and discontinuous work of the actuator
X = 1,2,3 keeps the reset time constant (about 2 seconds) during the Oscillation of the actuator, but the accuracy of the actuator will decrease continuously to meet the requirement of the most suitable precision.
Note: If 10S idle occurs in the course of parameter modification, it will automatically return to the measurement and control state.