POE electric actuator

Use and maintenance
Note: This product has passed all-round debugging and inspection before leaving the factory
Product and valve installation, connection, may be due to valve couplings and other reasons, resulting in the valve can not be fully closed, fully open, need to re-adjust, adjust should follow the following steps:
1.Install and connect the actuator and the valve correctly;
2.Manual test run:
Remove the dust plug from the front cover, insert the attached handle into the hexagonal hole, turn the clockwise direction, the valve opening should be reduced, when the valve is in full close position, observe whether the turn-off Directional travel switch (switch action will be issued when the “Click”sound) and then turn the handle, check the machine.                If the stopper touches the adjusting screw; if the anticlockwise direction turns the handle, the valve opening should be increased. In the same way, check the opening direction stroke switch and the Mechanical Stopper, after manual operation, plug the dust plug.
3.Electric test run
Remove the wire cover and connect the wire correctly according to the circuit diagram
Power-on trial operation, pay attention to observe whether the actuator and valve are working properly.

一.Maintenance and upkeep
1.In view of this product structure close characteristic, specially has used the life long, the pressure resistance good high-grade Molybdenum base lubricating grease, therefore does not need to check and refuel;
2.Electric Valve for a long time without action or action rare, please regularly drive the actuator, check there is no abnormal belt.

二.Faults and countermeasures

Failure phenomenon Why Countermeasures
The Motor won’t run It’s not plugged in Plug it in
The power supply voltage is incorrect or too low Check the power supply voltage is normal
Disconnection of wire, connection and terminal Connect the wire and connect the fastening terminal normally
Overheat Protector Action (ambient temperature is not too high, valve is not jammed) Reduce Ambient temperature and check valve opening and closing by hand
Reduce the frequency of use
The trip switch has been activated Adjusting stroke baffle
Damage of capacitor used in motor lead-in phase Contact the manufacturer to replace the capacitor
DC electric actuator diode open circuit Contact the manufacturer to replace the diode
The switch indicator is not on The pilot light’s out Replace indicator light
Poor action of travel switch Change the stroke switch
The motor can not stop when it runs to the limit position Poor action of travel switch Change the stroke switch
Source sequence three-phase electric power Adjust three-phase electric power sequence
Trip switch access control loop error Adjusting wiring
Mechanical Limit Ahead Electrical Limit Action Re-adjust the Mechanical Stop Plate according to the adjustment instructions
DC electric actuator diode open circuit Contact the manufacturer to replace the diode
Actuator flooding Breaking of TV Mirror Please contact the manufacturer for maintenance
The bolts, such as the upper cover, the inlet cover and the front cover, are not fastened and locked properly
Non-standard incoming cable or not according to the specification at the entrance of the line for waterproof treatment